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Kimberly Snyder at Glow Bio on Melrose Avenue; photography by Stephanie Diani

A Healthy Glow

by Andrew Myers | Angeleno magazine | January 3, 2013

You may know wellness guru Kimberly Snyder as the nutrition expert who dispenses complexion-boosting advice to bold and glowing faces such as Channing Tatum and Drew Barrymore. Or perhaps you’ve read her blog,, where she dishes out healthful eating plans, recipes and tips. The queen of the cold-pressed cleanse and author of two books, The Beauty Detox Solution (Harlequin, $16.95) and the upcoming spring release The Beauty Detox Foods (Harlequin, $17.95), is now serving doses of her nutritional wisdom at Glow Bio, her new one-stop juice/smoothie/educational health emporium on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

Founded on Snyder’s credo that outer beauty is a reflection of inner health, Glow Bio is not, as Snyder explains, “a build-your-own-juice-from-scratch kind of place. Everything is strategic.” Meaning, for instance, high levels of vitamin C from lemon juice are added to the Glowing Green smoothie to aid the absorption of iron in the greens, and raw sprouted almond milk is purposefully withheld, as it would hamper the smoothie’s cleansing properties.

The Connecticut-raised Georgetown grad began exploring the healing properties of food after becoming disenchanted with traditional Western medicine. She embarked on a journey mostly in Asia and Africa, where she studied under various shamans, nutritionists and healers. Her findings are incorporated in the menu at Glow Bio, with nutrient-packed, beauty-enhancing options such as the Youth Fountain (turmeric, mango, lime juice, mint and coconut water) and the Baby Skin Booster (blueberries, bee pollen, stevia and coconut water). “Our menu is organized by a bundle system, so whether your goal is weight loss, energy, increasing beauty or fitness, there is a color code so you can see which products to choose to support your goal.”

Snyder’s Hots
Fresh turmeric in teas and dressings, tank tops in winter (amazing!), meeting new people at Glow Bio, hiking, cooking with the lemons and limes from my backyard

Snyder’s Nots
Crowded parking lots, cold nights, BPA in containers, getting stuck behind garbage trucks, texting during meals