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Armed and Fabulous!

Dominie Brazzel’s new line represents the ultimate luxury in accessories.

Dominie Brazzel has designed a coveted new collection of gem-encrusted bags made of jewel-toned skins.

If one’s handbag has become a definitive status symbol, then those carrying a piece from the Dominie collection deserve a whole new level of distinction. Designer Dominie Brazzel, who built her career as a costumer for television and film, says the concept for her line came to her early one morning at the break of dawn, when, she concedes, most of her best ideas are born.

“I was always looking for something special, and I was never able to find it,” says Brazzel, who decided to move forward with her dream project when an arm injury kept her from her day job. Dominie launched late last year with five silhouettes, all named for iconic women of style: Jackie, Loren, Scarlett, Diana and Evelyn (for Brazzel’s late mother-in-law). Crafted in Italian silk or imported skins-python, crocodile, stingray, alligator-each bag is embellished with platinum hardware and precious gems including diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, all applied by Italian-born Stefano Grando, whose ancestors were the jewelers for the 19th century king and queen of Italy. These portable works of art range in price from approximately $17,000 to more than $100,000, and every Dominie creation comes with a serial number that can be registered on the brand’s website, as well as a bracelet embedded with stones that match those on the purse’s exterior.

Brazzel, who resides in Santa Clarita with her husband and son, plans on growing her company into a complete lifestyle collection featuring men’s and women’s clothing, bedding, luggage and jewelry. “Dominie is for someone who appreciates quality,” says the designer. “It’s for someone who cares about the way they look and the things they have in their life.”

Available by appointment at 661.222.7300,