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Photographer Ryan Schude, known for his whimsical, prop-packed crowd shots, evoked Dorothy and her yellow brick road in this image, part of a series on people with their cars.


Elysian Valley

“I was trying to do unstaged documentary shots,” Schude says. “But it’s never been my tendency to do that sort of work and I went back to my old ways with this crazy emerald green and mustard yellow theme.” Schude spray-painted a jumpsuit for his friend, artist Sven Barth. Then he asked his Facebook network how to create the illusion of a painted line down the stairs without adding it later in post-production (he ultimately taped fabric down and only poured paint on the curb). Once Schude installed a rented lamppost and lit the interior of Barth’s green GMC Suburban with a strobe and yellow gels, he trained his Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera on the tableau he painstakingly created.