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Artwork at The Getty Center doesn’t simply hang on the walls; it roams the halls and courtyards, too.


The Getty Center

Skeptical? Photographer David Freeman captured photographic evidence at Dance Camera West’s 12th annual film festival. Dubbed “Get Wet,” this year’s series made a big splash with live dance performances, cinematic dance shorts and, of course, plenty of H2O. “It was electrifying,” remembers the lensman. “They created such a high energy, and it all worked together.” Snagging a front-row seat to the show gave Freeman the perfect perch to snap this winning shot with his Nikon D7000 camera. “I was trying to position myself to get the dancer and her shadow,” adds Freeman, who shoots for his “own personal enjoyment” and captured traces of the dancer’s fluid movement in the image rather than a typical stop-action shot with a slower 1/1000-shutter speed. “This photo speaks directly to the dancer and the fact that she was totally immersed in her craft.” The same can be said for Freeman.