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The ever-entangled elements of light and sound consumed Sonos Studio during the launch of “Light House,” an installation created in collaboration with design studio SOFTlab, chronicling the power of noise.


Sonos Studio

With electro duo The Crystal Method amplifying the ambience, an array of light tubes mimicking their beat shone brightly to imply the path of sound. Surveying the unusual, albeit awe-inspiring, scene for the perfect shot, photographer Michael Buckner says, “I like to get other views, especially when it comes to concerts. Everyone could see The Crystal Method from the front, but few got access to go behind the stage.”

But Buckner did. Armed and ready with his Nikon D4, he snapped a band member soaking in the lightshow. “As the beat dropped, Scott Kirkland turned away from the crowd and looked up at the tubes of light,” recounts the crafty cameraman, whose shot of Kirkland cements the evening as a sound success.