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Happy New You

After weeks of luxuriating in holiday cheer, it’s time to bring your best self—body and spirit—forward. Here, our favorite local experts share their easy-to-integrate healthy living tips.

Star trainer Tracy Anderson shares her fitness tips.

Tracy Anderson
The creator of the Tracy Anderson Method and owner of studios in Brentwood and Studio City believes in striving to be your “most proportioned self.”

Tip 1 Instead of blindly following diet trends that cut out certain ingredients, get a blood test to determine any food allergies, and avoid those items.
Tip 2 Indulge in one meal a day, but keep the other two limited to food that is purely fuel, like one of my protein shakes for breakfast and a light lunch.
Tip 3 To see a real physical change, be consistent. Work out four to six days a week for an hour, with 30 minutes focused on muscular structure and 30 on cardio.

Mandy Ingber
Jennifer Aniston’s yoga instructor just came out with a new book, Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover.

Tip 1 Spend time outdoors with a walk in the hills or along the water. Just noticing nature will increase your sense of happiness and belonging.
Tip 2 Take 10 minutes a day to breathe with awareness. Conscious, mindful breathing reduces stress levels and increases openness and receptivity.
Tip 3 Make a daily list of five things for which you are grateful. No matter where you are, life is a gift, and focusing on gratitude will help align your spirit and bring in more abundance.

Simone De La Rue
Having previously trained L.A.-based clients privately, De La Rue is opening a West Hollywood outpost of her NYC studio, Body by Simone, in early 2014.

Tip 1 If you only have 10 minutes, jumping rope is the fastest way to increase your heart rate. Jump for 60 seconds, rest and repeat.
Tip 2 To avoid lower back injuries and shin splints, wear lightweight shoes that push you onto the balls of your feet. Newton Running has great options.
Tip 3 Just like a car needs gas, your body needs fuel before expending energy. Try to have a combination of carbs and protein in the hour
before working out.

Adam Goldstein
The popular indoor cycling instructor at Flywheel thinks of spinning as a music-based party where everyone is invited.

Tip 1 If your destination is close, walk rather than drive. Our bodies are meant to be in motion, so burn some calories while saving gas money!
Tip 2 Make cleaning more fun by playing great music. Mopping, sweeping and wiping motions are great for the upper body and core.
Tip 3 Set realistic workout goals: Start by saying you’ll work out twice a week and stick to it. You’ll rediscover the joys of exercise, and soon two days will become three, and so on.

Kate Somerville
The founder of the eponymous skincare line and clinic has several new products launching this month, including her hotly anticipated Age Arrest eye cream.

Tip 1 Exfoliate one to three days a week with a product that contains natural fruit enzymes, gentle acids and microbeads to get rid of dead skin and brighten your complexion.
Tip 2 If you have breakouts on one side of your face, you may have “cellphone face.” Clean your phone with antibacterial wipes once a day.
Tip 3 Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, eating foods rich in fatty acids and avoiding diuretics, simple sugars and caffeine.