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At only 31, Loren Kreiss, the great-grandson of Kreiss’ original founder, has already clocked a decade with the family business.

Loren Kreiss at home

After years working behind the scenes at the L.A.-based institution, Loren, together with his uncle, Tom, has taken the reins of the company, one of the first to create that laid-back, high-end home hybrid known as the California look.

“This is still very much a family affair,” says Loren. “I work closely with two of my uncles, and it’s truly a team effort.” But even so, Loren is poised to make his mark on the brand that counts Sir Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Magic Johnson as devoted clients.

This year, Kreiss’ latest collection will refocus on what Loren says is the brand’s most iconic look. “A lot of the new pieces will be inspired by the past, the golden era of California design of the 1980s, but with a reinterpretation that speaks to now.” Look for less stark, less contrasting furniture that has a warmer, more tonal and textured feel.

And it’s not just the designs that are getting a shakeup. Loren is also focusing on reducing that nagging detail of custom furnishings: lead time. “People are sick of waiting 16 weeks for furniture. So we’ve just introduced a program where our eight best-selling sofa frames will be available for delivery in two days.” Two days? Immediate gratification may have just found the perfect place to take a seat. 8619 Melrose Ave., L.A., 310.657.3990,