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Mother. Actress. Activist. Writer. Elisabeth Röhm’s many titles span both coasts. The American Hustle star splits her time between New York and Los Angeles, but it’s the latter that seems to call her back. “Los Angeles has become such a special place for our family,” she says. Here, Röhm reveals her local scene.

In L.A., Elisabeth Röhm feels at home.

1. The Lake Shrine: I head to the Lake Shrine (17190 Sunset Blvd, Pacific Palisades, 310.454.4114) for spiritual rejuvenation. I think of California as the center of progressive spirituality, and there are a lot of incredible places in L.A. for yoga and retreats. To me, it is just very California and the Lake Shrine is a very special place with beautiful botanical gardens. It’s the perfect place to get some peace.

2. The Penthouse: I go to The Penthouse (111 Second Street, Santa Monica, 310.394.5454) at The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. The view is unrivaled and you’re not quite sure where you are when you’re sitting above the ocean–it could even be Hawaii, it’s so exquisite.

3. Hotel Bel-Air: Hotel Bel-Air (701 Stone Canyon Road, L.A. 310.472.1211) is great for a family occasion. It’s such a traditional cornerstone of Bel-Air and I love checking in for a 24-hour period with family. The food is amazing and the pool is spectacular.

4. Santa Ynez: We head to Santa Ynez [to get out of town]. I love wine, and it’s where wine, food and nature all come together.

5. 3 Square Café: I love Rockenwagner’s 3 Square Café (1121 Abbot Kinney, Venice, 310.399.6504). It’s good for people watching and Abbot Kinney is in the thick of everything. There’s something on the menu for everyone, from kale juice to pancakes.