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Natural Beauty

Beth Yorn layers pieces from her line, Elisabeth Bell.

Beth Yorn’s jewelry designs look like they belong in a natural history museum, but instead they grace the wrists and necks of fans like Gwyneth Paltrow, Rose McGowan and Stacey Bendet to spectacular effect. Casts of quail bones and wolf claws, as well as reclaimed mammoth tusks and feathers, are a few of the signature materials in her line, Elisabeth Bell.

What began as a passion project for the former model three years ago has blossomed into a stunning, nature-inspired collection featuring pieces cast from found objects, intricate scrimshaw designs and one-of-a-kind meteorites set in black diamonds or rubies. The Santa Monica-based jeweler finds inspiration during her travels, especially when she accompanies her husband, musician Pete Yorn, on tour. A recent cross-country trip from Omaha to L.A. yielded a gorgeous quartz egg, which she later cast for her collection. “I love the hunt,” admits Yorn, who is eager to start playing with dinosaur fossils next.

And she’s planning to expand the line to include pieces for men. But make no bones about it: Despite this designer’s fondness for historic artifacts, we predict a bright future for Elisabeth Bell. $125-$4,000, at Roseark, 1111 N. Crescent Heights Blvd., West Hollywood,