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Fitness icon Tracy Anderson’s latest move lands her in Brentwood.

Tracy Anderson at her new Brentwood studio before its completion

Catherine Deneuve famously said that women eventually have to choose between their fanny and their face, but fitness guru Tracy Anderson has built a name for herself on bypassing that choice.

“At 60, you might look great in clothes if you’ve dieted to stay thin, but I don’t want to see you naked,” Anderson says. Aiming to craft bodies both youthful and strong, Anderson’s trademark strategic muscle exhaustion technique is designed to wake up your body’s small muscles while redesigning your large ones, keeping your body (and, yes, your face) taut and toned.

Her empire flourishing, one could forgive Anderson for wanting to rest her well-toned bum for a minute-especially given the fact she gave birth to her daughter, Penelope, last May. Her accomplishments already include popular DVDs Metamorphosis and Tracy Anderson: The Pregnancy Project; personal training in London; gyms in Los Angeles, the Hamptons and Tribeca; and a soon-to-debut nutritional program 14 years in the making. To top it all off, she’s now charging full steam ahead on The Tracy Anderson Method studio in Brentwood, due to open mid-month on San Vicente Boulevard. Destined to become Anderson’s flagship, the new location features VIP training rooms, on-site nutrition program counseling and satellite TV screens that enable Anderson to host classes virtually worldwide.

“Studio City was [home to] one of my original studios,” says Anderson, an Indiana native who currently resides in New York but maintains a second home in Los Angeles. “As the brand has grown, it’s been busting at the seams since the day it opened. We’ve had so much demand for the Westside, but we wanted to grow our studios in a responsible way.”
Anderson promises big things for the new location. “It encompasses 14 years of research and development, custom machinery and equipment I’ve developed; everything from the floor to the heat and humidity systems is state-of-the-art. It’s going to feel like a concert in there every time you work out!”

Through it all, Anderson’s business partner, Gwyneth Paltrow, has been a rock. “What do you call that position in racing when you’re crouched and ready to go? Gwyneth is always in that position. She doesn’t do anything that she can’t give 100 percent of her heart.” While making decisions about the new Brentwood studio, Paltrow flew from London to L.A. for just 24 hours to consult on the space. “She’s so involved in Brentwood; this is totally her baby, too.”

Anderson takes her responsibility seriously as a potential changer of women’s bodies—and by default, of women’s lives. “We have a big promise to women,” she says. “I’ve watched and empathized with women for years about the lengths they’ll go to so they can feel their best, to get connected to their bodies, to feel sexy. When they come to us, they want to transform.”

Base membership packages start at $500 per month; 11960 San Vicente Blvd., Brentwood, tracyandersonmethod.‌com