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Ritsuko Yagi inside the Venice boutique Thirteen42½

Ritsuko Yagi describes her jewelry collection, amassed under the name Chariots on Fire, as a traveling caravan. “We pack up and move, picking up hitchhikers along the way,” she says. It’s an apt description considering Chariots’ history. It launched in 2006 inside Harputs Market in San Francisco, moved to the city’s SoMa neighborhood, went online, then popped up inside Tortoise in Venice. Now the line of vintage and new jewelry has a permanent home of its own at Thirteen42 ½, the new boutique Yagi just opened on Abbot Kinney that also houses Japanese antiques by Tortoise, textiles by Dosa’s Christina Kim and solid perfume by Julie Elliott of In Fiore, plus zakka (Japanese for chic household ephemera) and vintage furniture curated by Yagi’s father, the famed graphic designer Tamotsu Yagi. “His involvement is huge,” says Yagi. “He’s like a forensic scientist who sees what no one else does.” She’s also filled the modern concrete structure (built by Venice architect Dennis Gibbens) with Marianne Anderson’s oxidized rings, Jacqueline Cullen’s Whitby jet earrings, Marion Vidal’s bright beaded necklaces and Erin Wahed’s Bande des Quatres rings. “We were homeless for a while,” she says, “but I love the way a shop can serve as a gathering place for makers and creatives.” 1342 ½ Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, chariotsonfire.‌com