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StyleHaul CEO Stephanie Horbaczewski reflects on YouTube and the media’s changing face.

Power Player
StyleHaul CEO Stephanie Horbaczewski on location at Herringbone restaurant at the Mondrian Los Angeles hotel

“YouTube used to be just cat videos,” says L.A.-based Stephanie Horbaczewski, co-founder, president and CEO of StyleHaul, YouTube’s largest fashion and beauty network. “And now it’s a true economic ecosystem and a place for real content. It’s the largest and most personal social conversation.” Of course, if you’re one of StyleHaul’s 140 million subscribers, you know that already. What you might not know is this: This spring, when Disney paid more than $500 million for the acquisition of Maker Studios—one of YouTube’s top-viewed networks—the media landscape started to shift. Now, it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood transforms these multichannel networks from cult status to household names, and Horbaczewski couldn’t be more thrilled.

“We see subscribers from all different economic backgrounds and races, so there’s bound to be someone you can connect with. It’s about women empowering other women and inspiring others to be their best selves.” Along with original material created for the network’s four in-house channels, there are over 4,000 content creators and curators across more than 63 countries on the StyleHaul network, which means, whether you’re looking for a quick makeup tutorial or advice on what stroller to buy your newborn, you’re in the right place.

With something “literally happening every minute of the day,” as Horbaczewski says, StyleHaul has outgrown its humble home. So the team (including recent hire Mia Goldwyn, formerly of Paramount) has just relocated to a new 6,000-square-foot space on Sunset and Vine designed by Emily Tucker of S.R. Gambrel. The former director of marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue has certainly come a long way from her first job as a summer lifeguard. “If you told me three years ago [when I started StyleHaul] that this is where I would be in 2014, I would not have believed you!” she says. Throughout the entire bathing suit to Balenciaga journey, who could have predicted she would be a keynote speaker at VidCon (the largest YouTube convention), that Lisa Kudrow would move her original scripted series, Web Therapy, to the network and that her team would be red carpet-fixtures at the Grammys and Academy Awards? Now that’s a haute overhaul!

Horbaczewski’s Hots
Not being afraid to make mistakes, rings on every finger, paying it forward, new passport stamps, summer tans and bare feet

Horbaczewski’s Nots
Makeup at the gym, my cellphone battery life, the glass ceiling, social media rants, chipped manicures