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Innovation Station
Bob Ward | December 17, 2014

From its base about 15 miles northwest of Aspen, Rocky Mountain Institute has conducted research and promoted innovations in energy efficiency for 32 years, and it gives founder and Chief Scientist Amory Lovins a degree of satisfaction that some of his...

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Comfort Foods
Laurel Miller | December 15, 2014

1. Souffle au Fromage
What’s not to love about a piping hot ramekin of airy, eggy, cheesy goodness? Order up a bottle of something crisp and white at this homey bistro and enjoy après Euro-style. $15,...

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Ten Years After
Todd Hartley | December 11, 2014

In a decade of enlivening Aspen’s concert scene, Belly Up Aspen has enriched the musical outlook of many a local. Take my own experience, at a concert in 2007. To Belly Up owner Michael Goldberg,...

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Stepping Out
Barbara Platts | December 8, 2014

1. Aspen Art Museum’s The Now
The most high-profile event in Aspen between Christmas and New Year’s, this annual fundraiser for the Aspen Art Museum has undergone a big...

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Wish List
Cindy Hirschfeld and Barbara Platts | December 2, 2014

Gift your special someone (or yourself) something uniquely Aspen. Whether locally designed and made, artisan sourced or mountain inspired, these items go way beyond ordinary.

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Aspen's Pioneering Alpinists
Rob Story | December 2, 2014

It was midnight on Alaska’s Mount Hunter, but instead of sleeping, four exhausted ski mountaineers were swinging ice axes and kicking crampons at the severe, unyielding ice coating the peak’s mercilessly pitched Ramen...

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Winter Warmers
Laurel Miller | November 19, 2014

1. Crêperie du Village 
Adorable and tres romantique, this petite garden-level spot with rustic alpine decor feels like a chalet...

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The Skinny on Nordic Trails
Cindy Hirschfeld | November 11, 2014

“Although I grew up learning to love Aspen as the downhill skiing mecca that it is, I learned from a very young age just how world class and expansive the Nordic trail system is,” says Simi Hamilton....

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Getaway Guide
Todd Hartley, Laurel Miller and Bob Ward | October 29, 2014

Experience the charming and the serene in these two small towns along the lovely Crystal River.

Feel like a road trip? Try the rugged and lovely Crystal River Valley, which...

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Place of (Inner) Peace
Leah Fielding | October 29, 2014

Everyone is different. Every day is different. Accepting these realities and living within them is one of the foundations of yoga. Similarly, every yoga studio, every instructor and every class is different. Some provide a cleansing practice and...

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Tess Weaver | October 29, 2014

1. Independence Pass
“Always a classic. From Aspen to the top of the Continental Divide, Independence Pass climbs more than 4,200 feet and tops out at 12,095 feet—almost double the elevation of the Alpe d’Huez, the most...

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Peak of Chic
Cindy Hirschfeld | October 29, 2014

For more on Aspen’s local shopping scene, check out the Aspen Insider’s Guide 2014-15 digital edition here.

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