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Broad Strokes
By Cristina Cuomo | June 29, 2016

You guys have been friends for 40 years.
Eric Fischl: It’s been a long time. It seems like only yesterday.

Whose idea was it to put this show together?
Terrie Sultan:...

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Shadow Box
By George Plimpton | June 29, 2016

It was after midnight when Norman Mailer and I drove out to N’Sele to join the entourage for the fight, which was scheduled for four a.m. to suit the closed-circuit television viewers in the U.S. Deprived of a féticheur ceremony, we had arranged with...

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Third Degree With Paul Reiser
By Anne Marie O’Connor | June 29, 2016

The Hamptons or Malibu?
I subscribe to the Jay Leno line: When you move to L.A., the beach is on the wrong side. It still feels that way to me. East Coast water is also a little more fun to swim in...

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A D-Lister Takes the East End
By Kathy Griffin | June 29, 2016

I’ve only been to the Hamptons once. Several years ago, Anderson Cooper gave a friend and me the keys to his (now former) house. We arrived when Anderson was live on the air, so I immediately started doing what I assume...

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Quick-Fire Challenge
By Harry Hurt III | Photography by Ryan Moore | June 29, 2016

I stood in the kitchen at Little Red with sweat beads the size of heirloom tomatoes forming on my brow. Chef Bob Abrams, a short, bespectacled former...

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Truth, Justice and the American Way
By Cristina Cuomo | June 29, 2016

When I arrive at the secluded North Haven enclave where Carl Bernstein lives with his wife, Christine, he’s on his porch gazing out at his pond, holding an envelope. “Oh, you’ll love this,” he...

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A Well and Healthy Hamptons
Produced by Fernanda Niven | June 29, 2016


Skin by Veronica’s relaxing Vita-C Sparkling Facial returns equilibrium to your summer skin. It visibly reduces the...

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Editor's Letter: Float Like a Butterfly
By Cristina Cuomo | June 29, 2016

The opportunity to bring together good friends who were also good athletes stuck, and the sisterhood of the “Tennis Girls” was formed. A few years ago, Siegal asked me to bring my racket and join, and...

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Her Sporting Life
By Pamela Fiori | June 27, 2016

The neo-Georgian mansion evokes an earlier, more patrician era. Built in 1929, the 25-room residence is set back on a quiet and leafy side street in Southampton. One can imagine women in silk floral-print dresses strolling through the gardens, cocktails...

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5 New East End Foodie Spots
By Beth Landman | June 20, 2016

1. Once home to mostly fish shacks and pancake houses, Montauk continues to evolve into more of a food mecca, worthy of the long drive down the Napeague stretch. Dave and Julie Marcley have vacated the town’s...

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3 Spots to Get Beach-Ready in a Snap
By Anne Marie O’Connor | June 10, 2016

1. Barre and Cardio Dance in East Hampton
Elements Fitness Studio expands with...

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