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Rays of Sunshine
By Anne Marie O’Conner | July 27, 2015

“I’m trying to break the rules of the surf category,” says artist and fashion designer John “Sunshine” Margaritis, 29, who grew up in Roslyn, N.Y., and spent summers surfing in the Hamptons. In fact, he’...

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Anyone for Tennis
By Taylor Plimpton | July 27, 2015

I get it in my head sometimes that my dad wasn’t actually such a good father. He was often absent (if not physically, then mentally); he was too stiff and formal; he was incapable of expressing affection. But then I remind myself that when it came...

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Original Quinn
Interview by Seth Herzog | July 27, 2015

Seth Herzog: You’re peaking right now! You’ve got this book and this show. How does it feel?
Colin Quinn: Thanks, buddy. The show is definitely a defining achievement.

First, tell me...

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Third Degree With… Paul Reiser
By The Editors | July 27, 2015

What’s your favorite thing about the Hamptons?
That it’s four minutes closer to Europe, which really only helps if you’re driving to Europe.

What’s your least favorite...

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Bendet Family Values
By Stacey Bendet | July 27, 2015

During the summer, our family tries to unplug from our gadgets and plug into the rhythms of nature (although, I completely exclude the long car ride out to the beach, during which I succumb to the power of the iPad). Almost every morning, I wake...

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Editor's Letter: Blame It on Laird
By Cristina Cuomo | July 17, 2015

That means it’s time to really start buckling down on those summer resolutions: Write that book; train that dragon; learn to surf. I began the daunting task of learning to surf a few years ago and, as my summer...

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Regional Refreshments
By Alicia Kort | July 16, 2015

1. Harmless Harvest
Founded by East Hampton native Justin Guilbert and his friend Doug Riboud in 2011, Harmless Harvest can now be found at specialty stores...

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The Family That Plays Together…
By Claudia Lebenthal | July 13, 2015

Life’s a beach for surf legend Laird Hamilton and fitness icon Gabrielle Reece, but you could hardly mistake these superstar athletes for beach bums. The professional big-wave surfer and former pro volleyball player have...

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All-American Girl
By The Editors | July 6, 2015

1. “I can never leave Rumrunner Home without buying something.” 62 Hampton Road, Southampton

2. “I learned...

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A Stand-Up Guy
By Al Madrigal | June 29, 2015

Seeing that this is the July 4th issue, I should start by telling you that I was born on the Fourth of July. It’s an incredible birthday. It always falls on the right day because, well, it’s a national holiday. Yes, it’s traumatic when you’re...

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