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Editor's Letter September 2013

How easy it is to get caught up, even lost, in our summer lives.

Cristina Cuomo

Sometimes we even lose touch with our better natures; the Hamptons can be a hotbed of less-than-dignified behavior as people vie for the biggest house, the hardest-to-get reservation (head to 30-year-old Mirko’s Restaurant before they close for good!), the latest status symbol (see our story on the $2.5 million Bugatti Veyron Vitesse)… The list goes on.

But underneath all the clamor and hubbub, summer really is, or should be, about feel-good moments. We crave them, collect them—and they shouldn’t end on Labor Day.

We don’t need to wait for the next vacation or holiday to reignite the magic of the beach at daybreak, sleepovers, fireflies, seashell-collecting, s’mores or a sunset surf. With the memories of these idyllic surroundings stored safely in our hearts, we need only look around us, no matter where we are, to the people we love the most—those we connect with, who make us feel good and bring out the best in us. Simply, it’s about being happy, being inspired, paying attention to our intuitive nature and sharing kindnesses at every turn.

My grandfather once told me a parable about a man who found a giant pearl at the bottom of the sea. One day he was confronted by a man who was mesmerized by the pearl and wanted the precious treasure for himself. The man who’d found the pearl handed it over and went about his business. The pearl’s new owner took it and placed it on a shelf at home and stared at it. Days passed, and the man became tormented by the beautiful pearl and what to do with it. Finally, he went and returned the pearl to the man he’d gotten it from, who asked him why he was bringing it back. The man replied, “I don’t want the pearl, I want whatever it is that enabled you to give it away.”

Here’s to believing in something bigger than ourselves. Dive in.