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Let Them Eat Cakes

As more brides opt for deconstructed decadence over towering tiers, we find it’s a small change that makes a big impact.

 A smorgasbord of sweets from Anne Kathleen Cakes

Planning a wedding can feel like an overwhelming, rapid-fire round of decisions. Food? Flowers? Favors? Luckily, the newest trend in cakes allows the opportunity for a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors—so the only ones in charge of choosing are the guests.

Offering a selection of smaller, deconstructed cakes makes it easier to incorporate a variety of flavors and dietary restrictions (like dairy-free or vegan-friendly). Plus, it allows the baker the opportunity to creatively craft a collection of cakes—tired cutting ceremony not required.

“For this series of cakes I was going for a rustic and romantic, Marie Antoinette feeling,” explains Anne Walker, owner of Anne Kathleen Cakes. Walker, who studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago before perfecting her skills in New York City and recently settling in the South, is a big fan of unconventional beauty. Her well-trained eye and keen ability to think outside the box lends itself well to this growing bridal trend.

“I wanted these cakes to be very feminine and light,” Walker explains. By opting for cohesive yet contrasting cake stands and whisper-soft pastel hues, she effectively ties the batch together. Consistent sprinkles of bows and roses showcase a different version of Walker’s signature delicacy and simple sophistication.

“What makes these cakes unique,” notes Walker, “is that they all go together but can be stunning on their own.”

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