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Picasso’s unnamed sculpture

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Best of Chicago

Chicago sails into 2013 boasting—and embracing—a bevy of bests. From beauty, health and style stars to arts, culture and dining headliners, here’s a peek at the scene.

His Kind of Town, Chicago is
Picasso’s relationship to Chicago extends well beyond the unnamed sculpture he gifted to the city in 1967—the first and, as it turned out, only outdoor North American monument created by the Spanish artist. The Art Institute was among the earliest collectors of his work—a claim to fame they plan on putting to good use this winter and spring. From Feb. 20 through May 12, the AIC presents Picasso and Chicago, featuring more than 250 Picasso paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings from its collection, as well as loans from private collections in the city. Viewers will experience the full scope of Picasso’s work, from his Blue and Rose periods to his Cubist years.

Go Wild!
It’s almost indisputable now: The Bergmans are Chicago’s Coolest Family. First there was designer Elise, who’s been making her beloved limited-edition apparel since 2006. Now her brother and sister, Elliot and Natalie, have come roaring out of the gates with one of the year’s hottest musical acts, Wild Belle. Formed in Chicago when instrumentalist Elliot and singer Natalie combined their talents last year, Wild Belle quickly raised eyebrows with their self-released debut last year, and were signed to a three-album deal by Columbia Records. While the duo recently relocated to Brooklyn, they’re sure to be back in town filling venues with their whimsical, summery pop when their album Isles is released sometime this spring.

Cave Raves
Talk about VIP access! With the exception of scientists, almost no one is allowed into France’s Lascaux Caves to see the famous 20,000-year-old paintings. But from March 20 to Sept. 8, the Field Museum presents the next best thing: painstakingly recreated versions of the remarkable images in Scenes From the Stone Age: The Cave Paintings of Lascaux.

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