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Success, as they say, comes when preparedness meets opportunity.


Macy’s storefront window display at the corner of State and Washington streets

That maxim was in full effect recently when Aaron Leverenz was out and about in the city looking to meet his weekly challenge for a street photography group he’s in, Asphalt.The challenge? To take a picture of a subject behind glass and use the reflections to make the image look layered naturally—without the smoke and mirrors of Photoshop. When Leverenz came across this Macy’s display window, it was as if it was meant to be. “People must have thought I was crazy taking pictures of storefront mannequins,” he says. Crazy or not, judging by how the pedestrians and opposing buildings are reflected on the display window—and, most interestingly, onto the mannequins themselves—we’d say he can check that challenge off his list.