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Cut to the Chase

Chicago-born actor Bailey Chase dishes on life as a late bloomer—and what Cuba Gooding Jr. is really like offscreen.

Catch actor Bailey Chase in season two of Longmire in June.

Not many people can say the moment they fell in love was a movielike “meet cute,” but that’s exactly what happened to actor Bailey Chase when he met his wife, Amy. “We were hiking in the Hollywood Hills,” he says of walking his dog Gauge. “I was coming around the corner and she was bent over, loving on him. Then we just started talking.” With a resume that includes TV, film and theater, the actor currently stars on A&E’s crime thriller Longmire, which starts season two next month. Chase, who split his childhood between Barrington, Ill., and Naples, Fla., recently worked with Rose Byrne in Damages and is probably best known for his role in Saving Grace. Filming his next project, the independent film Tao of Surfing, is allowing him to put his athletic skills to use playing a professional surfer. After all, the self-described “late bloomer” didn’t pursue his dream of acting until after he attended Duke University on a football scholarship and realized the NFL was a long shot. On the day of our conversation, Chase was headed to the premiere of Summoned, a film in which he stars with Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr. “It’s a totally surreal experience because there you are, watching it for the first time,” he says of the not-so-private screening. “You see where people laugh and where they don’t, where they get scared or cry... It can be great and excruciating at the same time.” After Chase deems Jerry Maguire “one of the best movies of all time,” we had to ask if Gooding can be talked into reciting the film’s famous “Show me the money!” line. “He kind of is that guy,” he says, laughing. “He’s loud, he loves to have fun and to tell stories. It was a blast working with him. We’ve all worked with some people where afterward, it’s like, ‘That was work!’ But Cuba was awesome. And in Longmire, we just have a really solid group, too. I can’t wait to go back for season two.”  

Chase’s Hots
Golf, snowboarding, dogs, Bikram yoga (“which is literally hot”)

Chase’s Nots
Traffic, rejection, being told no, people saying “that was great” and then you never hear from them again