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Kerry’d Away

Actor Kerry Bishé lights up Tinseltown, with a few Chicago stops along the way. 

Hollywood’s new darling, Kerry Bishé


Kerry Bishé never actually wanted to come to Chicago. The New Jersey native had applied to conservatory acting programs all over the country before deciding on Northwestern University. “I realized that were I to go to any of those places—where you study all acting, all the time—I’m pretty certain my poor little brain would have shriveled up like a raisin over time,” she says. After studying everything from ancient Chinese literature to German films and graduating in 2006, Bishé embarked on an acting career that has taken many successful turns: Lucy Bennett on the TV series Scrubs; three movies with director, writer and actor Edward Burns; and coming up, she’ll star in the film Max Rose with Jerry Lewis. Most recently, she’s been seen walking red carpets alongside her fellow cast members of Argo, a major awards season winner (“It’s so fun to be part of a movie that we all believed in so much, and to have it be received so well is really gratifying,” she says). She just wrapped Grand Piano with Elijah Wood and John Cusack, and while the movie is set in Chicago, the majority of filming took place in Barcelona. “The way Spanish people make movies is very much a family affair,” says Bishé. “You just feel embraced by warm acceptance, and it’s really less hierarchical than movie sets tend to be in the United States.” And the 28-year-old’s downtime is not that much different from that of her non-Hollywood peers: “Book club,” she admits, describing a crew of actors and writers. “It’s a small group of women. They are fabulously intellectual, really voracious readers.” So no Fifty Shades of Grey here; they are reading Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse. “We do not play light,” she says. 

Bishé’s Hots
“The grand ballroom at the end of Navy Pier is one of the largest enclosed spaces I’ve ever been in, and it’s absolutely gorgeous, with water on all sides. I remember going there with a friend from Northwestern, and we did clown workshops and improvisational dance for like an hour before a security guard came and gently kicked us out.”

Bishé’s Nots
“I’m not a big fan of the weather in Los Angeles. It’s too pleasant, it’s too easy.”