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Organic food is so 2011—now it’s skincare’s turn. One local aesthetician seeks to take holistic beauty mainstream.

Elina Fedotova blends organic ingredients for a majority of her clients’ skin treatments.

Should anyone question the natural origins of the ingredients that Elina Fedotova, CEO of Elina Organics (, uses for her increasingly popular line of skincare products, the aesthetician and founder of the Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners would gladly prove their complete safety—by eating the plant-based masks and creams. “Not all of them are delicious,” Fedotova says with a laugh. “But all of my products are edible and won’t harm your body.”

In the five years since the Elina Organics Advanced Skin Care Spa opened on Oak Street, Fedotova has been gradually accumulating a loyal clientele who swear by her noninvasive procedures and simple approach to skincare: all organic, handmade, seasonal, personalized and yes, edible. Because the moisturizers do not contain thickeners, they have a consistency that is more liquid than solid. In addition, since the products are made from raw botanical ingredients, herbs and essential oils, there is no medicinal smell. In other words, these are hardly your typical drugstore creams.

“I don’t believe in active and nonactive ingredients,” Fedotova explains. “Every single ingredient should actively support the skin.” This principle means importing from her native Russia ingredients such as sea buckthorn oil. According to Fedotova, this oil provides the skin with a natural cocktail of vitamins, omega fatty acids, and other healing and rejuvenating nutrients. All her products are tailored according to the season and the client’s skin type, and are adjusted on site to meet the precise needs of her clients.

But don’t let her straightforward methods mislead you into thinking that the holistic approach and cutting-edge research are mutually exclusive. The whole-plant ingredients Fedotova uses are liposome encapsulated, she explains, for deep delivery with bioenergetic effects. And her top-selling product, Ambra-Lift Skin Elixir, has been proven in tests to produce anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects after two applications over a period of 48 hours.

Ultimately, the Elina Organics approach to beauty is that it ought to be one component within a larger health regimen. “Facials and good topical products are important for beautiful skin,” she says, “but overall good health is key. This comes from a balanced lifestyle, good nutrition, harmonious relationships and low stress levels.”