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Trainer Jim Karas in his Whole Body Cryochamber, which gets down to -238° F

The VIP treatment room at The Langham Chicago

Inside Karyn’s Inner Beauty Center

Special Affects

With three very different specialties, these new local “spas” preach wellness.


Cutting-edge Technology: Cool Stuff
Celeb trainer Jim Karas is on a mission to spread the message of cardio-free living, one innovative business at a time. He already owns Jim Karas Personal Training and Jim Karas Cardio-Free Studio—and his newest venture, Chicago CryoSpa, just might be the most unique of them all. The small space specializes in cryotherapy, which uses ultralow cold temperatures to fix a range of body ailments, ranging from arthritis to aging to muscle pain. (It’s the only place in Chicago that offers cryo to the public.) The main treatments include Whole Body Cryo, during which you step inside a chamber—leaving your head and arms outside—that uses liquid nitrogen to reach temps as low as −238°F. (Don’t worry, it’s only for three minutes!) The results? Less inflammation, less muscle pain and accelerated production of collagen to improve skin elasticity and reverse aging and cellulite. He also offers a CryoFacial, which uses a special wand to depuff, shrink pores and reduce lines. The sessions (each $65) are brief, but the results are worth it. 2640 N. Lincoln Ave., 773.360.0940,

Eco-friendly Services: Skin Deep
To understand the benefits of a healthy diet, look no further than Karyn Calabrese, the founder of Karyn’s wellness empire. No, really, look at her: 66 never looked so good. Calabrese applies her healthy-living mindset to her newly redesigned Karyn’s Inner Beauty Center, which puts the spotlight on—what else?—natural treatments. You’ll find services such as holistic nail treatments, organic pedis and manis (raw-honey, hemp-seed scrub, anyone?), plant-wax hair removal and a variety of facials, including our favorite, the HydraFacial, which left our skin glowing for days. Keep the feel-good vibe going with a visit to neighboring Karyn’s Raw Cafe for some fresh squeezed juices and vegetarian fare. 1901 N. Halsted St., 312.255.1590,

Chinese Medicine: Eastern Promises
The stunning new Chuan Spa at The Langham is one of the few spas in town that practices Traditional Chinese Medicine. Led by a TCM doctor, the spa offers more than 40 services, including cupping, moxibustion and the Heavenly Jin Luo foot treatment, which relieves muscle tension by stimulating circulation along the meridian channels and specific acupressure points. Ninety percent of the services, ranging from facials to massages to reflexology, incorporate Chinese medicine. Even better? The locker rooms have a Himalayan Salt sauna, Oriental steam room and heated lounge chairs—all with your body and soul in mind. 330 N. Wabash Ave., 312.923.9988,