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Actor Jon Seda looks to score a knockout on NBC’s new Dick Wolf-produced series Chicago PD.


Seda’s Hots: Chicago dining, architecture and theater; The Lincoln Park Zoo; the Chicago Riverwalk

Seda’s Nots: “There’s crime here, like everywhere else, but it’s still a beautiful city.”

Like many New Yorkers, actor Jon Seda originally had a somewhat guarded relationship with Chicago. “I shot my first movie here back in 1990, and I really never enjoyed being here,” says the native Manhattanite, referring to boxing flick Gladiator, in which he won a role based largely on his 21-1 amateur boxing record. Fast-forward a couple of decades and how things have changed. “I’m so much more mature than I was years ago. ... at least a little!” jokes Seda, who stars as Detective Antonio Dawson in the upcoming series Chicago PD. “But this is a beautiful, beautiful city. I’m looking out my window right now, and it looks like an ocean to me!” It’s a good thing Seda has warmed up to our metropolis, as, if the success of sister series Chicago Fire, not to mention Dick Wolf-produced shows in general, is any indication, he could be here a long time. “It’s something different,” says Seda of the show. “It’s about a police intelligence unit, which hasn’t been touched on too much in TV. A lot of police officers don’t know what the intelligence unit is doing at certain times, or even who’s in the intelligence unit, so it’s a mysterious group. We have a lot of the same writers, producers and directors as Chicago Fire; the show’s largely about the characters. And, it’s coming from the mind of Dick Wolf. ... I think he knows how to put together a cop show.” The emphasis on characters isn’t to say there won’t be a lot of action on Chicago PD, and Dawson is a bona fide tough guy. So, does Seda still stick to a boxing workout? “I still work out, but I don’t train for boxing because I’m a guy who’s 0 or 100 percent. Plus I might get the itch to try and get back in the ring. ... You know, the mind says yes, but the body quickly says no! Boxing will always be a part of me. For me now, the ring is the script that I get, and I have to train for that script and character, and work hard at that.”