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For the practitioners of parkour, the Lincoln Memorial looks like a smooth and vast marble playground.


Lincoln Memorial

And for local photographer Jeff Brockmeyer, the opportunity to photograph a parkour pro wearing an LED light suit was too tempting to pass up. “It was an honor to photograph the first-ever parkour athlete at the Lincoln Memorial—a place normally off limits to anything like this,” says Brockmeyer, who used a Canon 7D to catch the extraordinary light show. “We wanted to capture the motion of the movements.” Brockmeyer lit the image dramatically.

“I wanted to put the focus on the athlete, but still have a faint bit of light on the Washington Monument in the background,” he says. The camera was set on a tripod, a computer controlled the LED lights’ color and length of play, and bulb exposure was used to allow just the right amount of LED to show. To be sure, it’s the stuff of high art, but to Brockmeyer, the middle-of-the-night shoot was pure joy. “In the end, [the images] were fascinating and surreal.”