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We capture the glam at Crystal Couture.


Crystal City

Local photographer Jay Snap surprised himself during Crystal Couture’s first-night fashion show: He captured this photo without even looking through the lens of his Canon 5D Mark II. “There was a 400-foot, 360-degree runway, and I was positioned near the last turn—the model almost passed me by,” Snap says with a laugh. He explains that the evening’s vibe was at once kinetic and slightly dizzying. DJ Neekola’s tunes thundered across the crowded space, while ambient lights clashed with runway strobes as they peppered the haute look from Michele Blanchard Design Gallery. “I actually like floodlights at fashion shows,” Snap says. “They challenge me to take shots when I see them. I love capturing images from events like this—they represent moments I’ll remember for years to come. I think this shot was that special moment.”