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Joy Ride

Meet an Italian beauty designed to make every ride unforgettable.

Smart Stops
Hydraulic disc brakes (instead of actuated cable) offer precise and safe stops under any road conditions.

Gracious Gears
Riders can opt for an electronic shifting system.

Work of Art
Craftsmen who hand-paint frames for pro riders of Team Eurocar also finish these—complete with laser-cut masking decals and specially formulated lacquer that repels ultraviolet rays.

Great Bones
Weighing in at a mere 1000 grams (2 pounds), the custom carbon-fiber frame and forks offer stability on any gradient.


We love Italians for loving their bikes. And our adoration extends to the way Italians think about the anatomy and construction of one of most strikingly beautiful bicicletas ever made: the new Colnago C59. Priced from $20,000 to $25,000, this is the Stradivarius of rides—a thing of pure beauty and utility. “Customers want craftsmanship and a bike that’s going to be unique in DC,” says Adam Harris, assistant manager at Georgetown’s Bicycle Pro Shop. “This bike is completely handmade and customizable in terms of paint and parts. A handmade carbon frame is going to ride differently than something that’s mass-produced. You get a smooth ride—a bike that’s both stiff and snappy.” And, yes, gorgeous.
Bicycle Pro Shop, 3403 M St. NW, 202.337.0311, bicycleproshop.‌com