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Warm weather is (finally) upon us and whether you’re jetting off to Saint-Tropez or simply wanting to shed that kaftan for a dip at your club’s pool, get into swimsuit shape with these healthy detox recommendations from five of DC’s hottest juice bars.

The Purify from sweetgreen

1. Hawthorne Homemade
The Glowing Skin, made with carrot, kale, apple, parsley and ginger, will have your skin looking sun-kissed before you even hit the beach. $6.50 to $8, 3706 Macomb St. NW,

2. Purèe Juice Bar
Jump-start your metabolism with the Mean Green Lemonade, starring a lemon twist and a cayenne pepper kick. $9, 4903 Elm St., Bethesda,

3. sweetgreen
The Purify, chock-full of nutrients, is a cold-pressed, best-selling combo containing more than 2 pounds of kale and spinach. $7, various locations,

4. Juice Joint Café
Carrot-based and booming with a blend of beets, ginger and apple, Tom’s Choice will balance your appetite and give your skin an unbeatable glow. $4.75 to $7.95, 1025 Vermont Ave. NW,

5. The B Spot
Satisfy your sweet tooth and cleanse your system with The B Spot Better Buttercup, a sinfully delicious mix of organic peanut butter, chocolate and peaches. $6.50, 1123 Pennsylvania Ave. SE,