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One Phyne Day

Jewelry designer Paige Novick launches a statement-making collection that debuts at Saks Fifth Avenue.

A luxe line from Paige Novick debuts this month at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Paige Novick scored many fans after the launch of her statement-making jewelry line five years ago. Now she’s transforming her love of luxe gems into Phyne, a high-end collection of sleek, understated jewelry already seen on the decolletage of celebs like Cameron Diaz, Allison Williams and Leighton Meester. Ahead of her line’s debut at Saks Fifth Avenue this month, Novick chatted with us about dreaming up new jewelry. 5555 Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase, Md., 301.657.9000

What inspired you to launch a luxe collection? I always had it in the back of my mind—it’s every designer’s dream, and my mother’s a jeweler, so it’s in my blood. But I had to wait until the time was right, creatively and economically. One day I woke up and said, ‘It’s now or never, sister!’

How do you describe your line? It’s architectural, modern, clean, delicate and feminine. My aesthetic is understated glamour. I love opposing influences and the mix of hard and soft lines, or geometric and sculptural. I don’t like the lines to be too hard, so if I start with hard lines, I use unexpected diamonds, a curve or asymmetry.

What is your signature piece? There’s a collection called the Elisabeth named for my best friend. It has simple lines with a soft curve, where it almost looks like a spine. It’s geometric, but with an organic accent. It’s become the springboard for so many other designs. It’s funny how one line can bring you to an entire collection.

What makes Washington the right fit for your collection? DC is sophisticated and cosmopolitan, and my collection has an edge and newness that’s different from anything else most women own, with an understated quality that will appeal to local women. We appeal to a cross-generational customer, which is really great. Our black-diamond ear cuff could be something a 21-year-old will wear, but her mom will buy the classic spine Elizabeth necklace.