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Cool out! These five eateries are turning up the heat on old-school frozen treats this summer with innovative recipes and fancy flavors.

Max Brenner’s popsicle fondue

Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery
Growing up in New Orleans, chef David Guas loved snacking on snoballs—finely shaved ice drenched in sweet syrup and topped with condensed milk. “The stands started popping up in late spring to keep folks cool and happy during the hot weather,” remembers Guas. When Guas brought the bayou to his DC area bakery, he knew this sweet treat would make the summer menu. Flavors include the Arnold Palmer-esque Gator-aid with sweet tea, lemonade and a touch of mint syrup.

Rasika West End
India’s version of ice cream, kulfi, is made with a condensed milk base that’s cooked down to create a super silky texture. Group Executive Chef Vikram Sunderam spices up the tradition by offering guava with black pepper and mango with saffron flavors. “We wanted to make ours a little more modern,” he explains.

Beuchert’s Saloon
Chef Andrew Markert likes childhood classics, so he created dippable popsicles for dessert. Try the tangy rhubarb with whipped buttermilk and crumbled fennel shortbreads, or stroll down memory lane with a s’mores-esque pop made of chocolate fudge with crushed graham crackers and slightly singed marshmallow.

Max Brenner
This just-opened chocolatecentric cafe features a hot treat in popsicle fondue. “It’s a do-it-yourself treat,” says Director of Food and Beverage Katzie Guy-Hamilton. A vanilla ice cream bar on a stick comes with decadent bowls of melted milk chocolate, caramelized hazelnut bits and crunchy waffle balls.

Pleasant Pops Farmhouse Market & Cafe
This food truck turned brick-and-mortar is famous for its Mexican paletas, handcrafted frozen treats on a stick. There are more than 150 Pleasant Pop recipes, including the sweet and tangy strawberry-ginger lemonade and the seasonal enervating Thai iced tea peppered with anise.