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Meg Biram’s new Internet boutique lets fans turn her online lifestyle into reality.

Biram's Hots: Bikram yoga, collaborations, cinnamon rolls at Cork (on 14th), leather, heirlooms, original art

Biram's Nots: Cilantro, government shutdowns, improperly crediting images, lack of sleep, copycats, cold weather

Lifestyles aren’t just lived any longer—they’re curated and blogged about breathlessly. But when lifestyle guru Meg Biram launched her blog six years ago, she realized her online presence was a bit of a novelty. “I was the only one of my friends with a blog,” says DC-based Biram. “I’ve always been an entrepreneur in my head, and I knew I wanted to start building something. I just wasn’t really sure what, but I figured the earlier you start, the better.”

Today, the blonde beauty has parlayed that entrepreneurial hunch into a successful lifestyle blog and consulting business. Named simply, the URL is a portal to all things Biram.

“The blog is a reflection of me,” she says. “I grew up loving everything from fine art to fashion, but I was never able to say I liked one better. When I went to college, I felt like if I specialized in fine art or went to fashion school, I would miss out on something else, and so I ended up going to journalism school. Starting a blog gave me the opportunity to be my own editor.”

The eponymous blog (which is a little bit like goop for DC—minus the Gwyneth) is a mix of “midcentury modern meets Kelly Wearstler organic glam,” says Biram, who has already done high-profile collaborations with both One King’s Lane and bareMinerals. And it’s that style that can also be found in Biram’s recently launched online shop, which carries a carefully curated collection of luxury fashion items, home accessories and art.

In 2014, Biram plans to expand her shop; she already has two collaborations in the works—a line of casual-chic stationery and a luxe T-shirt line—with fellow young, fashion-forward lifestyle experts. No doubt Biram’s next adventures will be reflected in her growing online empire. “Last year was the year of working,” she says thoughtfully. “And 2014 will be the year of living.”