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Art enthusiasts and curious minds got an up close and personal look at the dedication of a colorful outdoor exhibit in the esplanade of Montrose Boulevard. 


Montrose Boulevard, outside Art League Houston

“Funnel Tunnel” and sponsored by Art League Houston, was welcomed to the neighborhood with music, snowballs and craft beer—not to mention a few daring onlookers sprinting across the busy street to get a better view. “People were braving their life to see it that close,” says Alex Barber, web designer by day, photographer by night. The tie-dyed-looking structure took more than a week to install with the help of a large group of volunteers. The civic art piece from Houston-based artist Patrick Renner, made of steel and wood reportedly reclaimed from a turn of the century cotton gin, stretches out 180 feet and will dazzle passersby until May of 2014.