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Star Worthy
Jenn Thornton | July 9, 2013

Who better to judge the current season of HGTV Design Star (now dubbed HGTV Star) than long-standing network luminary Sabrina Soto? Perfectly at home in this orbit, this tastemaking daughter of a decorator does not mince words. “I...

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Worth Keeping
Joanne Furio | July 9, 2013

In such a disposable society, saving something is rarely worth the effort for most. And though many architects and designers may try to avoid it, sometimes it’s easier to tear down and start all over, rather than reinvent the design wheel of an...

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Light Keeper
Rima Suqi | July 9, 2013

With a career spanning more than two decades in three states, lighting designer Robert Lewis didn’t seem to really hit his stride until he moved to California seven years ago. From his L.A.-based workshop, he’s crafted custom light fixtures...

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Artful Living
Jennie Nunn | May 3, 2013

For interior designer Michael Booth, co-founder of San Francisco-based firm BAMO, the backstory on working with real estate developer and art collector Byron Meyer to transform a vacant, two-bedroom, 3,300-square-foot penthouse in SoMa’s...

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The New Girl
Jenn Thornton | April 9, 2013

What’s old is new again for interior-designer-about-town Tyler Dawson, who is planting her flag in SoCal after spending five years in San Francisco. While there, she launched Tyler Dawson Design (...

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In Living Color
Ann Jarmusch | April 9, 2013

For two San Diego contemporary art collectors, living with their accumulated works has become an art unto itself.

A pediatrician and a financial executive, the couple takes special pleasure in supporting their city’s talented artists....

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Making Waves
Andrew Myers | April 9, 2013

Bringing the beach indoors poses much inspiration (the positive ions!) and many aesthetic opportunities (the blues of sea and sky!). Then there are the mixed blessings, drop-ins that in starry Malibu might mean a well-fed seagull perched aggressively...

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Raw Style
Diana Bitting | April 9, 2013

An indulgent new addition to the Vegas scene is giving visitors new reason to sin. Nobu Hotel recently opened inside Caesars Palace (yes, a hotel within a hotel), joined by the 12,000-square-foot Nobu restaurant and lounge, and it just might be the best of...

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The Call of Nature
AnnaMaria Stephens | April 9, 2013

For every homeowner who longs to integrate architecture and landscape, there is a neighbor just as eager to pave over the earth to erect an eyesore. Not at Santa Lucia Preserve (...

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Cesar’s Palace
Joanne Furio | April 9, 2013

Of course someone who was on the iconic series Dog Whisperer would have a house that speaks softly. Cesar Millan fell in love with the light interiors of his new 3,800-square-foot Studio City home—and the fact that he didn’t...

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Precious Jules
AnnaMaria Stephens | January 10, 2013

Make no mistake: When it comes to turning out some of the coolest spaces all over the country, Jules Wilson is on a serious roll. For the McClintock building, a downtown San Diego landmark built in the ’20s and seriously renovated...

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Patterned Behavior
Alexandria Abramian-Mott | January 10, 2013

Among designers, Lulu DK is a much-worshipped creator of one-of-a-kind textiles. Drew Barrymore, Steven Spielberg, Sara Jessica Parker and Diane von Furstenberg are all proud owners of deKwiatkowski’s exubertant take on...

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