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Fashion House!
By Adilla Menayang | February 3, 2015

For Lincoln Park native Janet Blutter Shiff of Blutter/Shiff Design Associates, it’s all about the Bauhaus. This makes perfect sense, because she grew up (and still lives) in a...

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Icon Status
By Diana Bitting and Bianca Smith | February 3, 2015

1. Elise Bergman
If you dreamt up a synthesis between a chic, polished urbanite and a rustic, earthy gypsy, you’d get this fashion designer in the flesh. Bergman’s journey started...

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Best In Design
By Diana Bitting, Andrea Mills, Jessie Sardina and Bianca Smith | February 3, 2015



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A Castle of One's Own
By Maile Pingel | February 2, 2015

Haute-Garonne, France
$35 million

Just a 25-minute drive south of Toulouse finds you in the tiny medieval village of Saint-Élix, where...

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Ottoman Reverie
By Ayesha Khan | February 2, 2015

From powerful Roman emperors to brilliant 21st century Nobel laureates, great leaders, thinkers and visionaries have called Istanbul home for millennia. Overlooking the ancient yet cosmopolitan metropolis from atop one of the city’s seven...

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Glam Revival
By Korey Huyler | February 2, 2015

While out driving one day in 2012 through the northwest Ravenswood neighborhood, Chrysa, an observant mother of three, spotted a foursquare on its last legs and had a gut feeling. Even though she and her husband, Jeff, had been searching for months...

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Room to Grow
By Angela Fornelli | February 2, 2015

Just after moving into a custom new construction house in Bucktown, husband-and-wife homeowners Nick and Hannah sent their interior designer, Tom Stringer, an unexpected photo: “It was their newborn son taking a bath in the kitchen sink,...

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Time Capsule
By Amalie Drury | February 2, 2015

Back in high-flying 1960s Chicago, when Neal Zucker’s grandparents moved into the just-opened The Carlyle building on Lake Shore Drive, Richard Himmel was the go-to interior designer of the city’s society set—not to mention other...

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Prep & Primp!
Elaine Markoutsas | October 13, 2014

Click here to read more about the latest kitchen and bath innovations in our digital edition.

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Inspiration To Go
Barri Leiner Grant | October 13, 2014

Fig & Olive
When the elevator doors open two stories above Oak Street, you’ll swear you’ve jetted to the South of France. Laurent Halasz, the...

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Rare Vintage
Korey Huyler | October 10, 2014

As design principal and global design leader at worldwide architecture firm Gensler, the charming Carlos Martinez has used many observations and experiences from his 30-plus-year career to make his Gold Coast vintage apartment as beautiful and...

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Classy Canvas
Katie Anne Orr | October 10, 2014

On any given day, you might walk into this Winnetka estate and hear the hypnotic beats of Enigma pulsating overhead; or the wooden, organic sounds of the African plains; or something akin to The Phantom of the Opera meets Miami Vice...

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