Harrison Sapp
Leasing Consultant, The Finger Companies

Perfect mate: Has a sense of humor, is loyal and is tall (I like heels.)
I am complimented most often on: My smile, even though it’s crooked
Biggest turn-ons: A guy with a good smile and a quick sense of humor—I live for banter, and guys who are close with their families.
Biggest turnoffs: Insecurity, being rude to servers and bad kissers
Longest relationship: Five years
Where do you hang out? Anywhere Champagne is served, the W hotels, Buckhead bars and the occasional club scene
Ideal date: Anything involving sushi and wine—the road to my heart is paved with spicy tuna.
Hobbies: Decorating my apartment; shopping; my kitten baby, Coco Chanel; brunching as a verb; and going to the lake with my family
Favorite restaurants: Cibo E Beve, Prime and Verde Taqueria
Favorite sports team: Clemson Tigers
Best pickup line: ‘Nice bum—where ya from?’
Describe yourself in three words: Optimistic, quick-witted and loving
Who inspires you? My mom
My greatest ambition in life: Open my own boutique
Signature drink: Prosecco
The best gift I’ve ever been given: A painting that my aunt did of my dad and me at my college graduation. He passed away in 2011 and having him at my graduation is something that I will be forever thankful for.
The key to my heart is: A good sense of humor, a love (or at least tolerance) of adorable kittens, an understanding of my relationship with heels and a willingness to listen when I need to break down who wore it better

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Fast Facts from Harrison

Age: 26
Originally from: Spartanburg, S.C.
Lives in: Buckhead
Education: College of Charleston