Kelly Travis
Preconstruction Coordinator, Choate Construction

Perfect mate: Someone with intelligence, passion, spontaneity, and a perfect balance of confidence and humility
I am complimented most often on: My hair
The gutsiest thing I’ve ever done for love: Let down all the walls and the ‘idea’ of what I thought love was and actually experienced it unconditionally and openheartedly
Deal-breakers: Lying, infidelity, inability to control anger and not being supportive
Biggest turn-ons: Smile, good hair, intelligence and humor
Biggest turnoffs: Laziness, poor hygiene and lack of ambition and goals
Longest relationship: Four and a half years
Where do you hang out? Buckhead mostly, and Virginia-Highland
Ideal date: Dinner on a patio with live music
Hobbies: Baking and encaustic painting
Favorite restaurants: Aria, JCT. Kitchen & Bar and Fritti
Favorite sports team: Atlanta Falcons
Favorite movies: Drive and Almost Famous
Most proud pro moment: Starting a successful business (Bronzed Atlanta) and handling every aspect of it, from business planning and financials, to website, marketing and client interaction
Part of the body you notice first: Height
You know you’re in love when: You’re OK being exactly who you are and know the other person supports that
Celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling
Something people would never guess about you: I just started eating vegetables three months ago.
Personal style: Constantly changes, depending on my mood—my staple items include skinny jeans, a cool T-shirt and a leather jacket.
Describe yourself in three words: Passionate, sassy and ambitious
When I want to feel sexy, I… wear red lipstick.
What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? ‘Do what makes your heart beat the fastest.’ I don’t think you can go wrong if you follow your heart.
Who inspires you? My mother—she empowers me by saying, ‘I love you, and I support whatever path you take.’
Who, dead or alive, would you most want to meet? William Shakespeare
My greatest ambition in life: Leave behind a legacy, whatever it may be
Guilty pleasure: Those tiny chocolate cupcakes from Trader Joe’s
Describe your dream partner in five words: Patient, supportive, ambitious, intelligent and empathetic
Signature drink: Grapefruit martini
The best gift I’ve ever been given was: Friendship that remains supportive, nonjudgmental and fun
The key to my heart is: Honesty and thoughtfulness

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Fast Facts from Kelly

Age: 27
Originally from: Conyers, Ga.
Lives in: Buckhead
Education: Georgia Perimeter College