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Los Angeles Features

Irina Stark David Kordansky Gallery
Irina Stark ecstatically adopts Los Angeles as her new home.
Kismet Review Los Angeles Angeleno
Kismet is an all-day haven for trendsters and hip foodies with a love of labneh, za’atar and more.
From the only screenwriter in film history to clock $226 million at the box office before age 30 to a booming restaurateur-turned-brew aficionado, the men of Los Angeles are having a moment. Here, five trailblazers sound off—in their own words.
Actor Dominic Adams delivers a master class on what to wear this season.
Scott Eastwood Fate of the Furious Angeleno
Scott Eastwood opens up about how his famous father inspired his career and philosophy of life, the importance of giving back and what it’s like to feel like the uncool kid in Hollywood.