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Mario's New Mythology
Gael Greene | April 29, 2016

Why am I surprised to find that La Sirena is such a grown-up place to eat? The big guy, Mario Batali, with his red hair pulled into a ponytail, still dashes into the dining room to greet a friend, wearing short pants and the familiar...

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Third Degree With Rosie O'Donnell
By Sahar Khan | April 28, 2016

Why did you choose to have RTKids learn about musical theater?
Because that was always my first love. One of the first schools we went to was right in the middle of the Theater District, and the...

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To Dine For
By The Editors | April 28, 2016

00 + Co
Vegan pizza may sound like sacrilege to New York purists, but in the hands of chef Matthew Kenney (whose last Manhattan outpost, Pure...

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What a Card
By The Editors | April 28, 2016

From the very beginning, everyone has always brought their A-game on our sets. We work really hard, but we also mess with each other. Kevin Spacey is the biggest culprit—he’s always clowning around. It...

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Letter From the Editor: Eat, Pray, Love
By Cristina Cuomo | April 28, 2016

The obvious ones involve beauty treatments like massages and facials—even a good haircut can do the trick. (See our “Salon & Spa Awards” in this issue for the very best places to go.)


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Straight Shooter
By Ray Rogers | April 26, 2016

Before signing on to the fantasy action-adventure The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Jessica Chastain had one requirement: She wanted to kick some ass. When the film’s star, Chris Hemsworth, approached her about a year before filming began...

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5 Must-Indulge Food Festivals
By Charlotte DeFazio | April 22, 2016

1. Food Book Fair
Deemed “food geek heaven,” this half-festival, half-conference is inspired by food media—books, magazines,...

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5 Events for Your April Agenda
By Charlotte DeFazio | April 18, 2016

1. Design on a Dime Benefit
From April 20 to 23, Housing Works kicks off its annual benefit featuring a Groundbreaker Awards...

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5 Interior Designer-Approved Picks for Innovative Lighting
By The Editors | April 11, 2016

1. “Adding a modern light fixture doesn’t have to be a complicated design choice. I’m mesmerized by light and color, and this is the...

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Broadway's Bloodbath
By Frank DiLella | April 6, 2016

When were you first introduced to American Psycho?
When I was a freshman in college I started to read the book—all the cool kids were reading it—and it was so overstimulating that I had to put...

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Men of Style
By Anne Marie O’Connor | April 5, 2016

Dao-Yi Chow & Maxwell Osborne
Public School and DKNY designers
“We like how you can create an image through clothes—it’s a way to stand out and be different,” says...

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La Dolce Vita in Soho
Cristina Cuomo | Photo courtesy of Ristorante Sessanta | April 5, 2016

With the wide variety of Italian eateries in New York, it’s almost a dare to top the many world-class restaurants that serve this classic cuisine. But John McDonald, Steven Eckler and Mercer Street...

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