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English Class
Nate Chapnick | November 15, 2013

A vehicle so exclusive its key is made of crystal, Aston Martin’s newest flagship supercar, the Vanquish, is a study in both performance and aesthetics. With a 6.0-liter V12 engine capable of generating 565 horsepower, the Vanquish rockets...

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Father Knows Best
Caroline Cox | August 21, 2013

Jim Gaffigan is a comedian, actor, father of five—and if that didn’t keep him busy enough, he’s now added author to his repertoire. The 47-year-old, famous for his hilarious asides and musings on culinary delicacies like cake...

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Buck Up!
Eric Snider | August 21, 2013

A savvy sports authority and engaging personality, Belue rarely holds back when it comes to his athletics perspective or love of all-American competition. Here, the devoted husband and father of three opens up about family life, his killer dance move and the career...

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Up and Away
Feifei Sun | August 21, 2013

Private air travel doesn’t just mean you’re bypassing a concourse and the ticketed masses anymore. With a new customized business model, it means getting personal. At Jet Linx Atlanta (jetlinx....

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High Society
A. Scott Walton | August 21, 2013

More and more, when prosperous individuals need a new luxury car, sold-out concert ticket or vacation plan, they call Atlanta’s Privé Society—the brainchild of former NFL stars Ellis Hobbs (Patriots, Eagles) and Michael Dean (Panthers). A...

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Lit Major
A. Scott Walton | August 21, 2013

Success, to some, is measured by pricy acquisitions. For others, it’s stimulating company. But, for bona fide cigar enthusiasts, these will always pale in comparison to the first puff of an exquisite new cigar.

Cue the Davidoff Nicaragua...

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Girl on Fire
Austin Holt | August 21, 2013

You’ve got to respect an actress who can equally captivate audiences as a scream queen and with a striptease. Private Practice alum Agnes Bruckner has been thrilling movie audiences for years with some good old-fashioned horror flicks (...

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The Rum Diaries
Matt Lee | August 21, 2013

Pour it up, pour it up!” Rihanna sings over the radio as we drive from the airport to our hotel. Our just-acquainted tour group smiles at each other and laughs. We’re in Barbados. Rihanna is from Barbados. Get it?


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Water Crafted
George Bulanda | August 20, 2013

With its elongated arrow-shaped windows and streamlined silver-gray topsides, the new open yacht Riva 63’ Virtus resembles a sleek piece of art deco sculpture. And when it’s in motion at a jaunty clip, slicing through sapphire waters and...

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Colonial Times
Wendell Brock | Photos by Sara Hanna and Andrew Thomas Lee | August 20, 2013

History may be repeating itself in a multitude of ways inside Buckhead’s hottest new eatery.

It’s true that Ford Fry’s new venture, King + Duke, in the old Nava space at...

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On a Roll
Wendell Brock | Photo: Caroline Petters | May 10, 2013

Before the economy went bust, when people were still buying art at pricey Buckhead galleries, I scored an invitation to MF Sushi for an intimate dinner with a famous photographer known for his serene images of Japan. I remember the night...

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