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Battle of the Finest
By Nate Chapnick | September 4, 2015

Supercars have always had a sort of universal appeal. Who can resist their sexy curves, sensational sounds and jaw-dropping reflexes? A supercar is the ultimate reward for hard work. When you slide behind the wheel of one of these...

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Louboutin, Ink.
By Jacqueline Z. Grossnickle | September 4, 2015

Tattoos may be a dime a dozen, but for footwear with bespoke ink, there’s only one man for the job: Christian Louboutin. The visionary behind those lipstick-red soles is at the helm of yet another bold idea,...

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Hot Wired
By Stephanie Smith | September 4, 2015

From the time he was knee-high, Bruno Francois was inventing and building futuristic devices. “I presented a flying car for my senior project in engineering school,” says the Florida Institute of Technology grad, who is now the brilliant...

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Take Me to Church
Wendell Brock | Photography by Heidi Geldhauser & Emily Schultz | September 2, 2015

Where I grew up in the Deep South, there were no cocktails before the church revival meetings. But Kevin Gillespie—who rose to stardom as a Top Chef finalist and...

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By Wendy Bowman | September 2, 2015

The Property
If this home were a movie, it definitely would be a true blockbuster... and now, one of the single most spectacular properties ever to hit the market in Atlanta can be yours for a cool $25 million. Occupying a...

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Pet Project
By Austin Holt | September 2, 2015

Successful homegrown businesses are united by a simple ground-level mission statement: Find something you love that fills a need in the marketplace.

That’s what Craig Koch did 16 years ago when he founded...

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Guitar Hero
By Candice Dyer | September 2, 2015

After 19 years and seven hits that went to No. 1, the band Collective Soul took some time off, and the world of rock ’n’ roll grew a little quieter. The swaggering, hair-whipping volume just cranked up several decibels, though, with ...

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Timelessly Exotic
By Jimmy Im | September 2, 2015

The last thing I expected in Laos—land of iconic Southeast Asian street food, centuries-old monasteries, saffron-robed monks and bustling night markets—was a bear sanctuary. But here I stood, at the Tat Kuang Si Bear Rescue Centre...

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The Italian-American
By Mike Espindle | May 29, 2015

The designers at the Ducati factory outside of Bologna will likely disapprove, but I’m just going to say it. As a lifelong rider, I can say the new 2015 Ducati Diavel is one of the...

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Par for the Course
By Elissa Rosen | May 29, 2015

Sea Island Resort
Located on the coast of Georgia, Sea Island Resort is home to three championship golf courses and a new high-tech golf performance center for...

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