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Double the Design
By Alexa Malevitis | April 20, 2015

We can always count on Brian Bolke and his stylish team over at Forty Five Ten to introduce us to the freshest designers we never knew we were missing. Don’t wait any longer to discover NYC-based designer Rosie Assoulin and L.A.-...

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Beats + Brunch
By Cassandra Mlynarek | April 10, 2015

Proof + Pantry is turning Sunday brunch into a grand celebration with its new Beats + Brunch, complete with porróns on porróns of Rosé. Starting April 12 from 11:...

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2015 Salon & Stylist Awards
By Amber Bell | April 8, 2015

{Best Color for Blondes}
Patrick O’Hara Salon
Master of highlights and salon owner O’Hara is known...

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Star Power
By Nadia Dabbakeh | April 8, 2015

When Usher took to the AT&T Stadium stage at the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas’ 90th Anniversary Celebration, the Unite Forever Gala, the lights went down; the pyrotechnics went up in a blaze of light; and the crowd went...

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French Connection
By Rhonda Reinhart | April 8, 2015

When it was announced more than a year ago that a Jean de Merry showroom was coming to Dallas, design lovers could barely contain their enthusiasm. Now, after a...

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Best in Class
By Nate Chapnick | April 7, 2015

Exotic Beauty: 2015 Aston Martin Vanquish
Aston Martin’s flagship supercar, the Vanquish, is a whole new animal for 2015. A revised 6.0-liter V12 engine puts out 568 horsepower, making this the most powerful GT...

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Numbers Game
Rachael Abrams | Photography by Jill Broussard | April 3, 2015

Nestled in the heart of Deep Ellum is chef David Anthony Temple’s (aka Chef DAT) newest restaurant concept for fans of fine dining. It’s about exclusivity, with dinner served Thursday through Saturday...

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Sip + Shop With Maria Cornejo!
By Cassandra Mlynarek | April 3, 2015

It seems a bit early to shop for fall fashion, but when the designer behind Zero + Maria Cornejo is coming to town to hang out, sip...

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Estate of Grace
By Beth Weitzman | April 2, 2015

The monkeys scampering through the trees have no idea how fabulous this place is. But I do. I’ve traveled all over the world and put my head on beaucoup plush pillows in plenty of villas owned by celebrities. But...

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Men of Style
By The Editors | March 31, 2015

Tyson Chandler
Ten years ago, if you had asked Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler about his style, he would have described it as “anything that fits.” At 7...

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Art of the Sell
By Jason Sheeler | March 31, 2015

There’s no shortage of glittery events in Dallas. Two x Two. Crystal Charity Ball. Cattle Barons. But for almost 50 years, the pre-eminent night out for the who’s who and grand poobahs has been the...

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Reynolds, Unwrapped
By Andrew Myers | March 30, 2015

What do a charismatic gambler, a hapless serial killer and a dogged young lawyer have in common? This may sound like the setup for a joke, but it’s actually a list of Ryan Reynolds’ most recent roles. In January, the witty...

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