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“Untitled #458,”(2007-2008), in fashion series

A Woman Exposed

by Connie Dufner | Modern Luxury Dallas magazine | February 21, 2013

Cindy Sherman, the face that launched a thousand photographs, makes a triumphant return to Dallas this month for an exhibit covering four decades of her provocative canon. The touring exhibition, March 17 through June 9, includes works from her famous fashion and society series and an installation seen here for the first time. It is also a homecoming for the Dallas Museum of Art (, which hosted the artist’s first major museum retrospective back in 1988. And if many of the 150-plus images in the exhibit seem familiar, you can thank the artist who endlessly reinvents herself on camera, and in so doing, comments profoundly on the nature of identity. “There’s definitely a thread that runs throughout all her work,” says exhibit curator Gabriel Ritter. “Everyone has a kind of public persona and maybe a private persona; how they put themselves together and want to be seen by the world. When you see all these different incarnations of this artist always using herself as a model, you start to think about how we present ourselves to the world.” While Sherman’s work has broad appeal, he says, it’s not just about pleasing a crowd. “Some people will walk into the rooms with the disaster series or sex portraits (the only photographs that don’t feature human figures), and those will not be for them. Others will think about what the artist is trying to do—challenging ideas about beauty, what we consider to be ugly—ideas we think we all share. There’s a very individual response to these images and these ideas.”