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Bermuda, Reborn
By Mike Espindle | May 5, 2015

It’s not my great-aunt Matty’s Bermuda anymore, and proof positive is the fact that I found myself sitting next to celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson last fall on the final night of a pop-up version of his new restaurant, Marcus',...

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Rad Man
By Ray Rogers | May 1, 2015

First things first: that ’stache! When John Slattery appears on screen in the final season opener of AMC’s Mad Men, his character, the lovably devil-may-care silver-haired ad man Roger Sterling, is working a handlebar across his handsome...

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The Great Outdoors
Jess Charmoli, Charles Desselle, Drew Limsky, Andrea Mills, Rhonda Reinhart & Phebe Wahl | April 29, 2015

For more than three decades, traditional homes have been the cornerstone of ...

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Caravan Over
By Alexa Malevitis | April 28, 2015

For Dallas-based fashion stylist and designer Christine Visneau and her photographer husband Steven Visneau, “unique and organized living” drives their thoughtfully curated online shop,...

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Outside the Box
By Helen Thompson | April 24, 2015

There’s nothing like being prepared, and for Ivan Spaller and Priscilla Glover, growing up in Europe was just a warmup for the couple’s design-build work in Austin. Since 2005, the imaginative pair has contributed 27 houses to...

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House Blend
By Helen Thompson | April 24, 2015

Denise McGaha may be the most in-demand interior designer you’ve never heard of. It’s not because the Dallas-based style-setter tries to avoid the spotlight—but her clients...

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Permanent Vacation
By Maile Pingel | April 23, 2015

Canyon Point, Utah
$7.5 million

THE LOWDOWN Mesa One is the first of 36 villas designed by Manhattan-based architect Annabelle Selldorf for the award-winning Amangiri resort. The fully...

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In Good Taste
By Rima Suqi | April 23, 2015

I can’t help but feel as if I’m being watched. Perhaps it’s the larger-than-life eyes painted on my headboard or the faces fronting every throw pillow in the room. I have only myself to blame. A few weeks before arriving at...

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Always Sunny
By Jessica Elliott | April 22, 2015

Every morning is bright and happy in the Houston home of Tracy Landreth and his wife, Mandi. Even on the gloomiest of days, the peppy, playful interiors stand in for sunshine. A cool, blank canvas of white has been splashed in colorful...

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Starting Over
By Helen Thompson | April 22, 2015

Mary and Neil Dorflinger’s only child, Zach, graduated from high school and left for the University of Texas in the fall of 2011. His departure alerted the Dallas couple that they had arrived at that place on every parent’s timeline...

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Double the Design
By Alexa Malevitis | April 20, 2015

We can always count on Brian Bolke and his stylish team over at Forty Five Ten to introduce us to the freshest designers we never knew we were missing. Don’t wait any longer to discover NYC-based designer Rosie Assoulin and L.A.-...

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Beats + Brunch
By Cassandra Mlynarek | April 10, 2015

Proof + Pantry is turning Sunday brunch into a grand celebration with its new Beats + Brunch, complete with porróns on porróns of Rosé. Starting April 12 from 11:...

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