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Dallas’ own Scott Pelley basks in the spotlight of journalistic success.


Pelley's Hots: “Sky Mirror” sculpture at AT&T Stadium: “It’s worth the trip”; tamales from La Popular at Christmas; Pediatrics ICU at Children’s: “Those are everyday heroes”; Larry Mowry’s weather forecast: “How does he do that?”

Pelley's Nots: “Any open flame around Big Tex”; a leaky inner tube on the Guadalupe;
New York City’s Texas Independence Day celebration: “It lacks appropriate enthusiasm.”

Scott Pelley may hail from San Antonio and be a Texas Tech alum, but we’ll always claim him as a Dallasite. After all, we kind of put the CBS Evening News anchor and managing editor on the map. “Yes,” chuckles the veteran of both the ABC and NBC affiliates here. “Dallas was my first big market job, and I met my wife, Jane, there too. I had been working at the ABC station in Lubbock, my hometown, when I moved to Dallas. I did everything I could, hung on by my fingernails. I tried to make a career for myself.”

It’s safe to say that 56-year-old Pelley has done that.  Besides anchoring the evening newscast for CBS since 2011, Pelley has contributed to 60 Minutes for the last decade, where half of the prestigious journalism awards won by the broadcast have been for Pelley’s reports alone. He’ll be out of the studio for a night coming up, filing a special report in Dallas as he returns home to old friends such as former NBC 5 anchor Jane McGarry and WFAA reporter Byron Harris (“I learned everything I know from him,” Pelley says), and new friends such as Gene and Jerry Jones. Maybe he’ll take them all to one of his favorite restaurants, Stephan Pyles. But all that fun will be after work.

The special report will take place on April 9, when Pelley will broadcast live from the Bob Schieffer College of Communication on the TCU campus and then sit down with peers and colleagues (and legends), including Bob Schieffer, moderator of CBS’ Face the Nation; legendary Watergate reporter Bob Woodward; and former Today show co-host Jane Pauley for the 10th annual Schieffer Symposium. “We’re going to talk about the state of journalism,” says Pelley.  “We will be talking quite a bit about new media; how to keep up; [and] how to stay accurate, fair and honest.”