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Best of the City

A specially curated list of the latest must-knows and must-haves in Dallas culture, beauty, style, design and food.

Ballerina Betsy McBride is raising the barre at Texas Ballet Theater.

Photo by Trevor Paulhus


On Pointe
At age 3, Betsy McBride eagerly joined her older sister in classes at Ballet Academy of Texas in Coppell. Now, 17 years later, she is on her toes as a principal dancer in Texas Ballet Theater. “The biggest thing I love about dancing is performing,” shares McBride, who pirouetted last month as the Snow Queen in The Nutcracker. “Every day in the studio is really hard, but knowing we are working toward performing for an audience helps keep me going.” And certainly, going places—McBride is hoping to land the legendary role of Odette in TBT’s spring performances of Swan Lake with live accompaniment by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

Engineering Art
What a showing! Look for the work of under-the-radar Cedars artist Rusty Scruby on Jan. 18 at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas in Beaumont and on Feb. 8 at the Grace Museum in Abiline. (He’s even slated to enjoy a stint at the Pentimenti Gallery in Philadelphia.) Perhaps the fact that Scruby’s pieces frequently involve a meticulous arrangement of small photos or slices of color to create large, precise images and geometric sculptures shouldn’t surprise, as the former aerospace engineer adores the abstract languages of math and music composition. As a child, he even memorized the first 500-plus digits of pi. “As an adult,” he shares, “I’m still breaking down everything in the world around me—objects, photos—and putting them back together as if it was a puzzle, so I’m trying to rebuild the world.”

Kudos to Imaginuity, the elite digital branding agency that just clinched the 2013 Obelisk Award from the Business Council for the Arts for its pro bono website development for Undermain Theatre. But that’s not all—the enthusiastic backers have provided free services to other arts and kids charities, including Big Thought, the 500 Inc. and the Fine Arts Chamber Players. “We are all from the Dallas area, so we want to see Dallas grow and prosper as far as the arts go,” explains Tim Langford, executive creative director and partner. “We all think it is vital that all kids have the opportunity to be exposed to art.”

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