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Drink Up!

Even a mild Dallas summer is dehydrating, and the only thing we’re craving is water and juice. Here, our fave innovative water bottles and yummiest juice bars.

Koa organic water's 100% biodegradable bottles

Koa Water
We’ve taken to throwing these Dallas-born bottles in our bags and sipping through the day. This cool new drink tastes just like water, but it’s squeezed from fresh fruits and veggies, giving you a boost of vitamins and minerals—minus the additives or calories!

Southpaw’s Organic Grill
The lunch crowd is see and be seen at this little organic grill these days, and on a scorching work day, you’ll notice a bevy of young professionals munching on watermelon slices and sipping fresh pressed juice or smoothies. The “spicy bunny” is a must-try.

Company Café
Next time you take a run down the Katy Trail, just keep telling yourself you’ll get a treat at the end. Specifically, Texas-made Buddha’s Brew kombucha. They have it on tap, so grab a to-go cup and cool down on the walk back.

Roots Juices
Cutie Brent Rodgers makes his juices in a hydraulic cold pressed juicer, preserving all those vitamins, minerals and enzymes along the way. The best part of the healthy process? They deliver right to your door, so that’s one less hot car ride you have to take.

Number One
They’re brewing BlueBottle Coffee, the San Francisco legacy known for its organic, pesticide-free, shade-grown beans. Get it over ice with a dash of almond milk and sip as you walk through Highland Park Village—just perfect.