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Eating Well: Avocado Edition

Not just for guacamole anymore, avocados may be the most super of all super foods. Banking on the benefits of healthy fats, high protein and fiber, chefs are creating dishes and drinks that resonate with nutrition-savvy diners.

Seeing Green: Meso Maya’s avocado margarita is perfect for springtime patio sipping.

1. Chiloso Mexican Bistro
The grilled avocado here is charred on the bottom for a satisfying crunch against a creamy interior that’s filled with beef, chicken, pork, scrambled eggs or roasted vegetables. It’s a gluten-free show-stopper with vegan possibilities in a fast-casual setting. 2455 Ridge Road, Rockwall, 972.722.8226; 901 W. FM 544, Suite 800, Wylie, 972.442.1710; 700 E. Campbell Road, Suite 190, Richardson. 972.231.3226

2. Fat Straws
The avocado smoothie is a simple blend of milk, avocado and a touch of brown sugar for a praline finish. For something dressier, add mixed berries or pineapple, and coconut milk is an option for the lactose averse. 5301 Alpha Road, The Galleria, Suite38, 972.702.8181; 6509 W. Park. Blvd., Suite425, Plano. 972.403.7403

3. Knife
Chef John Tesar says his signature avocado fries, popularized at his now shuttered burger joint, The Commissary, will be on the menu at Knife, his steak house that opens in the Hotel Palomar next month. If there’s such a thing as healthy fries, these could be it. 5300 E. Mockingbird Lane, 214.520.7969

4. Komali Restaurant
Avocado ice cream made by Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream is a fave at chef Abraham Salum’s modern Mexico-influenced eatery. Avocado aficionados can also splurge on avocado pie: When available. 4152 Cole Ave. 214.252.0200

5. Meso Maya
Served on the rocks, the avocado margarita is a refreshing take on the traditional cocktail. Combining muddled avocado, fresh pineapple juice and top shelf tequila blanco, it yields a serious health benefit as well as buzz! 1611 McKinney Ave., 214.484.6555; 11909 Preston Road, Suite 1426, 469.726.4390