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When Roz Colombo comes calling for Graff, husbands pay big.

Colombo’s Hots
Anything from Hermès, Cle de Peau concealer, sapphire facial treatment by Joanna Czech at Michael Flores Salon at Neiman Marcus Downtown, risotto bianco with littleneck clams at Lucia—“my favorite restaurant in Dallas,” Moscow Mule at The Standard Pour

Colombo’s Nots
Rudeness, blood diamonds, reality TV shows, flats, long nails, gardenias, processed foods


Roz Colombo, at Mansion Restaurant, in Stella McCartney and Christian Louboutin; a pair of diamond hoop cluster earrings awaits a client’s review.

Let’s say you want to buy a $3 million blue diamond ring. Let’s also say you don’t want to go to a store for such a display of conspicuous consumption. Roz Colombo, director of private sales for the London-based jewelry house Graff, certainly understands. “In a store, everyone sees you come in,” says the New Orleans native, speaking through a little bit of a shudder. “They see you leave. You just never know. I am very discreet.”

Colombo worked at Harry Winston in New York for 22 years. Ten years ago, she decamped to Dallas with her restaurateur husband, Robert (Sfuzzi, The Standard Pour, Villa O). Colombo opened the Harry Winston store at Highland Park Village and four years later retired. Soon after, Graff, wanting to get on the radar (and around the necks) of Dallas ladies, came calling. They knew Colombo had the connections—not to mention the appropriately understated wardrobe of Lanvin and Valentino. “It’s very Dallas,” she acknowledges. “I met all the clients on the charity circuit.”

Colombo spends her days traveling around North Texas with red-carpet-wattage jewels and a heavily armed security team. And while her clients might be wives (“I always end up in their closets, matching jewels to their clothes”), Colombo reveals it’s the husbands who do the heavy lifting. “I am there to serve. And then bill the husband,” she says with a laugh. She adds that while she never cold-calls clients, she does suggest ideas for special dates—anniversaries, bridal showers, “the selling of a company.” Do men run from her in public? “A few have run from me when they see me coming. But they can’t run for long. They always sign the check.”