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Good Catch

Trinity Grove’s Amberjax Fish Market Grille serves up spot-on seafood, compliments of chef Larry Williams.

Amberjax lures ‘em in with Blue Point oysters available in two mignonettes: red vinegar and cucumber.

Direct-from-the-farm oysters, like these meaty, briny East Coast Blue Points, are just some of the fresh catch chef-co-owner Larry Williams procures daily for Amberjax Fish Market Grille. “My business is what comes in from the boats,” he says of his Trinity Groves seafood haven. And the man understands details. That horseradish in the cocktail sauce? Freshly ground. The bed of ice? Sonic Drive-In’s cultish extruded crystals. He even adds wasabi microgreens to tuna tartare. Call it Louisiana-inspired, farm-to-fish-market dining in down-home, coastal digs. We call it delicious. Trinity Groves, 3011 Gulden Lane, 469.513.9088