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With a background in sports and finance, Tara Green is tackling Klyde Warren Park with gusto.

Tara Green

“Where else would anyone dream to put a park over a highway?” asks Tara Green, the new president of Klyde Warren Park, the year-old green space that spans Woodall Rodgers Freeway. “We built the park out of thin air. And it’s a game changer.”

At the helm since June, Green’s already shaking off the park’s nonprofit persona, invigorating it with corporate sponsorships and revenue-generating events. She’s got the financial and promotional chops to pull it all off—she is, after all, the former chief revenue officer of American Airlines Center and former vice president and COO of the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee. “So I’m bringing a for-profit mentality to a nonprofit entity,” she explains from her office balcony overlooking the park. “My background is sports, and there are similarities, believe it or not. Guest services and sponsorships, for starters.” Cigna, Chase and The Dallas Morning News have all signed on to sponsor the park’s various free events, including its health and wellness programs, along with the reading and game room.

The 5.2-acre deck park has made downtown more exciting, viable and a great place to have lunch. Green even has a regular table at Savoy, the park’s new chic, glass-facade restaurant, and, post-work each day, she takes its gratis yoga class. “The views are amazing,”
she shares.

All this and, still, she insists on giving visitors more to do (her wish list includes a new event series). “We have three sponsors and need three more,” offers Green, who, not surprisingly at this point, is also working on a new donor program to entice all levels of giving.

Greens’S Hots
Dallas sports (it’s the best sports city in the country), Uncle Julio’s frozen margaritas, Calvin Klein pantsuits, food trucks, green space downtown, free fitness classes at Klyde Warren

Green’s Nots
Not picking up after your dog on a walk, wearing out my heels at work, losing—I don’t like to lose at anything!