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Haute for Horchow

A venerable family brand brings on the next generation.

Sally Horchow in New York City

Horchow. The dusty name from your mailbox might not conjure images of groovy objets with far-flung provenances appealing to cool kids. Yet. Enter Sally Horchow.

The 42-year-old Dallas native might just be the person—the Horchow, in fact—to change the way you think of the mail-order brand. “I know Horchow is known to a certain set. I’m working hard to, well, refresh the brand,” she says tactfully by phone. Her father founded Horchow 40 years ago, and as a newly hired consultant, she’s the first family member to work for the family biz since it was acquired by Neiman Marcus.

Armed with a personal style blog, a coterie of contacts and what she calls “Mom’s very good taste,” Horchow is a walking (and extremely fast-talking) inspiration board for the brand. “This is a real return for my family,” she says proudly. Horchow pauses, then blurts her to-do list stream-of-conscious style: Returning from High Point furniture market, 40th anniversary of the brand, new furniture line, her own website ( Whew.

Her busy bicoastal life (she lives in Los Angeles but is in New York often with her boyfriend and where she’s producing a revival of Annie) fuels her creative vision. “People my age and younger are getting married, getting divorced, moving from a house to an apartment or apartment to house. They are busy, and they need someone helping them find—no, curate—items for their home. Special things. That’s how my dad founded this business. Now more than ever, it’s nice for people to know there are people out there picking things for you. People with very good taste.”

Horchow’s Hots
Shopping with my BFF Allison V. Smith at V.O.D., family pilgrimage to Joe T. Garcia’s, tufted leather headboards I got to design for Horchow (coming spring 2013)

Horchow’s Nots
Texting at the table, cigar smoke, glass brick walls, bed and breakfasts (or as I call them “death by doily” ), that my mom isn’t around anymore to show me what’s “very good-looking”